Slings, Duplex Slings and Padded Slings

The pace is fast and the time has come to relax and refresh in a carefree style. Morning coffee on the balcony before the day truly begins. A quick dip in the pool before lunch. A beverage at sunset just before dinner is served. Tropitone® sling seating provides comfortable and easy-to-maintain alternatives for all occasions.

Sling seating is the perfect combination of clean lines, designer fabrics and carefree maintenance. Soft, comfortable and durable sling fabrics are especially designed for a fast paced lifestyle. No muss, no fuss, no worries.

Sling and Relaxed Sling

Traditional single-layer slings offer a combination of clean lines, designer fabrics and carefree maintenance. Tropitone collaborated with key fabric suppliers to create a better system to guide customers through the selection of fabrics for traditional single-layer slings. Tropitone’s strong presence in both commercial and residential outdoor patio furniture gives us a unique perspective on the performance of sling fabrics in a wide range of applications. We combined our knowledge of fabric performance with fabric supplier specifications to create the system.

The single-layer sling fabric selection system is currently in use. Tropitone has shared its findings with its key fabric suppliers and is collaborating with them to improve current fabrics and create future fabrics. This collaboration will result in a wider assortment of fabrics designed specifically for traditional single-layer sling seating that are both beautiful and durable. Tropitone’s proprietary sling fabric selection system sets the performance standard for the industry.

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Duplex Slings

Double-layer duplex slings further enhance the sling design by including an extensive assortment of color-coordinated cushion fabrics for the top layer. These fabrics previously could not be used for sling applications, except as the top layer of a padded sling. The use of different coordinated fabrics for the top and bottom layers greatly expands design flexibility. The double-layer design also offers added durability.

Padded Slings

Padded slings follow the double-layer design of duplex slings with the addition of fiberfill between the two layers of fabric. This design combines the clean lines of slings with the comfort of cushions. Padded slings are an elegant bridge between the two designs.

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sling drawing relaxed sling drawing padded sling drawing
Sling Relaxed Sling Padded Sling
Single layer of fabric
with a taut appearance
Two piece sling
constructed of a single
layer of fabric and
does not have a taut
appearance. There is
more fabric in the seat
and back surfaces for a
more casual appearance
and a more casual sit.
Two layers of fabric with
fiberfill placed between
the layers forming
channels that produce a
slight rounded padding
to the sling. May have
a different fabric on the
front and back.