Tropitone has used the highest quality materials from the beginning. Materials include versatile, durable aluminum for the finest detail, the most appealing, weather-resistant fabrics, UV-resistant vinyl straps and EZ Span strap segments, stainless steel fasteners, hardware and fittings, high-density nylon bushings and glides. These are specifically suited to the form and function of each product.

Tropitone is dedicated to selecting the highest quality and highest performing materials. We have carefully developed and maintained deep relationships with a premium group of suppliers with superior products. The result is not only uniquely beautiful and comfortable, but ruggedly functional and durable. We understand superior quality, style and comfort begins with the finest materials.

Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Tropitone's most prominent material for frames is aluminum. This beautiful, versatile and durable material is perfect for designing frames of all styles of outdoor patio furniture. Stainless steel is also used for frames when a design demands such elegant material. Materials are bent and welded to form designs ranging from simple, clean and contemporary to complex, ornate and traditional.


Tropitone was the very first to introduce the high-tech, incredibly durable powder coating process to the outdoor furniture industry. Today’s powder coat finishes are three times as thick as paint. So rest assured, your Tropitone® patio and pool furniture will shrug off sun and storm, season after season, year after year.

Tropitone offers a variety of textured and smooth powder coat finishes for out outdoor furniture. Tropitone powder-coated outdoor furniture is engineered to look as good in your outdoor environment as it does in our showroom for years to come.


Our fashion-driven fabrics will inspire your passion for stylish outdoor furniture. More than 300 materials, colors and designs provide an unmatched palette to create outdoor furniture spaces to delight and stimulate. Tropitone® collaborates with the world’s best fabric designers and mills to carefully select outdoor fabrics that fit our vision for style and comfort. All fabrics have been rigorously tested for durability and weather resistance.


The texture of wicker and rattan is timeless. TropiKane® woven seating replicates these traditional favorites of the outdoors. With a wide flat weave and twisted cords entwined together by hand into a variety of designs, TropiKane® woven furniture is durable and stands the test of time. Wicker and rattan are known for creating an inviting environment. TropiKane® is sure to add warmth to any space.