You can get the exact product you want, when you want it. You can easily select the frame style, the frame finish and the fabric by using our state-of-the-art website or with expert assistance from one of our best-in-class distribution partners. We ship your product within a few weeks after receipt of your order from one of our full service manufacturing facilities located in Sarasota, Florida, and Irvine, California. Our bi-coastal manufacturing facilities can quickly satisfy high-performance requirements of our distribution partners and customers. Tropitone has been dedicated to providing an enjoyable ownership experience since 1954.


Contract customers include hospitality, resorts, clubs, multifamily housing, restaurants, bars and cruise ships. Most contract customers buy directly from Tropitone through professional contact sales representatives, although some choose to buy from distribution partners authorized by Tropitone. These contract distributions partners specialize in servicing the contract marketplace.


Residential customers are serviced through an extensive network of designers and specialty retailers that are focused on residential outdoor patio furniture. These residential distribution partners are authorized by Tropitone and specialize in servicing residential customers.


Many purchase decisions today include a digital component, whether a visit to a corporate website for information or an app to read product reviews. Our objective is to seamlessly integrate the digital and showroom buying experiences for our customers. As buyers become more knowledgeable about product alternatives due to the Internet, Tropitone believes the importance of well-designed showrooms will increase as customers’ final decisions are made in showrooms. Tropitone developed its Omni-channel strategy around this basic premise. One component of the Omni-channel strategy is our in-store portals. Customers can visit our website and view electronic catalogs right in the showroom. The blend of eCommerce and digital technology into an Omni-channel approach provides tremendous growth and productivity opportunities. Tropitone is excited to work with our residential and commercial distribution partners to create more interaction with end users to generate more opportunities. The Tropitone website has evolved into a digital eCommerce platform, allowing us, in collaboration with our distribution partners, to provide end user customers a seamless virtual and physical buying experience. Tropitone’s websites and eCommerce platform were designed for both the residential and commercial markets. Residential buyers can experience our brands online, then go to a local retail showroom to make their final choices and complete the purchase. Commercial distribution partners or residential buyers can easily configure products and document quotes. Once choices are made, purchase transactions are seamless. Tropitone is committed to being present for distribution partners and end users any time, anywhere, and on any device.