Taking the "Green" initiative

Green living furniture from Tropitone made with Viro Fiber

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Tropitone makes casual furniture that is both beautiful and durable, much like the planet on which we live. As a corporate member of the communities in which we live and work, we embrace our responsibility to protect and improve the Earth.

One of our primary goals in designing and manufacturing our products is to support future generations by attaining sustainability through the preservation of natural resources. We continually strive to make products that use materials and processes that minimize negative environmental impact, conserve energy and natural resources, and improve safety for customers, communities and employees.

As part of our commitment to sustaining and improving the environment, Tropitone has nurtured a comprehensive Continuous Improvement culture. This enables us to look to the future through a green lens, and continually innovate solutions that are environmentally friendly. Here are some of the ways we are doing that today:

Aluminum Products

Tropitone uses recyclable aluminum in the manufacture of its products. We recycle all scrap aluminum.


We recycle all cardboard waste. In January 2011, we began using the EM6-50 Right-sized Packaging On-demand system to reduce waste and packaging-carton inventory while improving delivered product quality.

Incoming Packaging

We recycle steel crate frames, cardboard and paper used in the packaging of incoming parts and materials.

Woven Products

Tropitone uses Viro Fiber® on its fully woven product lines. Viro Fiber® is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the most common material used in recycling today. This age-defying, high-performance fiber is manufactured according to the highest quality standards and is UV-, weather- and pest-resistant.

Viro Fiber® is completely non-toxic and uses NO PVC; it is 100% recyclable and can be used again and again to safely make a multitude of new products. Viro Fiber® is beautiful and durable, the most responsible choice in all-weather, environmentally friendly fiber. The combination of aluminum frames and Viro Fiber® makes Tropitone's fully woven products 100% recyclable.


To reduce waste when cutting fabrics, Tropitone uses a Pathfinder K5180 CNC cutting machine. All of our fabric suppliers have implemented "Green" programs; these range from the use of new, environmentally friendly materials to improvements in manufacturing and recycling processes.

Powder Coatings

Our powder-coating process is VOC-free during manufacture and during the life of the product. Also, our preparation process is monitored throughout each day and complies with all AQMD and EPA standards.

Looking ahead, Tropitone will continue to map opportunities to adopt "Green" practices and technologies. Through our Continuous Improvement culture, we are committed to implement bold sustainability solutions to improve our business processes and better serve our customers, our communities and, ultimately, our planet.

Green outdoor patio furniture made from viro fiber